Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Stupid Update (May 2015)

Hello. you already know who I am by know. It's been a year since I posted anything on here. For now, just another pointless update that no one cares about. If by any chance you're reading this, you need a hobby.

Anyways, I'm coming on here to announce a few quick things:

1) No more stupid videos on my channels.
2) I'll just be uploading YouTube Poop related content.
3) I won't ever talk about retirement ever again.
4) I give up on my battle on the subscribers issue.

Firstly, I will be stopping all those random video uploads. I've decided that I want to spend whatever time I may have left just being a casual YouTube Pooper. After reflecting on my current state of my channel and my future, I just look at those random videos as spam. Looking back, I think it was butt nasty to have those pointless videos upload on my channel.

Secondly, I'm making an effort to make more YouTube Poops. Now this isn't going to be full time or anything. Making YouTube Poops is going to be very casual for me. It's very possible it may take many months for me to make and upload YouTube Poops. I'm going to be very casual about it and will only upload when I feel like it. I'm not going to force myself to try making YouTube Poops all the time. I'll be making anywhere from original works and re-master versions of other people's poops; One that I've already uploaded. I'll still be using that classic Cd-i and Billy Mays, but I plan to use other sources as well.

Thirdly, I'll never be talking about retirement ever again. I know I've announced my retirement like twice already. I don't plan on doing that again because FUCK THAT! I'm going to make YouTube Poops whenever I want and if I don't make anymore, that's how it's going to be. Also, I don't want to be known as a YouTube Pooper anymore. Despite how many YouTube Poops I may upload until I stop, I want no further involvement with the YTP community.

Lastly, I fucking give up on shit posting about my subscribers. It's an unwinnable battle because YouTube is a bitch like that. If you're going to subscribe, then by all means go right ahead. However, can you at least pretend to like YouTube Poop, or at least know who I am before doing so? Much thanks! I'm not saying this because I still think I'm "overrated" or anything like that. Just the fact that I'm only getting like 1 view per 6 or 7 subscribers, on my new uploads, is fucking pathetic. To anyone reading this that's a loyal subscribe and actually like my YouTube Poops, I love you man.

That's really all I had to say. I plan to post more often on here, despite no one caring or anything. Also, I've gotten the hang of using Adobe Elements and I think my sentence mixing and word splicing is better now. So until next time. Folks, this is YEROCKY and I'm out!

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