Friday, May 24, 2013


"When you have to use YouTube annotation to understand what the hell half of the dialogue is, I think you've failed" -TwoTube2

   A comment that single-handily criticises pretty much my whole YouTube Pooping career. At first the comment was pretty harmless. However, after I was really thinking about it, I realized something about myself and YouTube Poop that I didn't think about it before. I realized that this comment not only sums up my YouTube Poop career, but it is the main reason I do not make videos as much. Now I know that maybe sounds strange, but here is how I feel.

   Now before I discuss myself here, I will talk about the comment itself. The guy does have a point here. I can't really argue against that only because I put annotations up as I think the sentence mixing is not good enough to understand. The other main reason I do this is to make it so people who need the annotations can just use them. The commenter is spot on. I do have them up so the dialogue is a bit understandable. Which for some can take away the experience, while for others it may add to it. It took me a little while to realize this, but annotations on a YouTube Poop is pointless. Not because, it could make the video better/worse, but because annotations are meant to be used for video announcements and links. Not to be used as subtitles.

   To be fair though, it isn't the annotations that are ruining my YouTube Poops. Some people don't even use them and the use of text on a screen really doesn't determine if something is good or bad. The reason my YouTube Poops turned out poor was because of my sentence mixing. Now I know some of you said that I was good at sentence mixing, but I was decent at best. It was the fact that I used the annotations to try and make my sentence mixing seem better than it is. Some people are calling me out on it including me. There is also those people who say "Can you put up annotations?". For awhile, I thought that maybe it was making the videos better than some. However, in reality, if the sentence mixing was better, there would be no need for them.

   Now I know that annotations are not the reason why I am not making as much YouTube Poops anymore. There are a few reasons for that which I am about to point out. The reason why it takes me a very long time to make and upload YouTube Poops is because:

I am a bad YouTube Pooper

   Now I know some of you are thinking right now as you read the first point, "But you were always a bad pooper". Although true, back at my peak, I used to think I was good and had potential. However, it isn't so much that I am a bad pooper, because I embrace it. It is more of the fact that I know that I won't get any better. It is the fact of knowing I tried my best, but I have maxed out my potential. So it isn't as exciting as before, and that does hurt me a bit inside. All this time I was tricked into thinking I was actually good.

   Also good YouTube Poopers are usually good with their style and what they do. They can adapt when needed and are pretty good all around. People look forward to their videos and look up to them as a favourite or an inspiration. I am none of that. I just happened to get better at the right time. If I started my whole YouTube Poop career a year later, there is no way people could tolerate my videos the way did back in 2010.

I have less confidence, motivation, and ideas

   I am trying my best to return YouTube Pooping, even if it is like only a few uploads a year. However, I am at a point where I have little for ideas, and from that I have less motivation, and for that I have less confidence. I am not confident I can be as good as shown in the past YouTube Poops. I have less motivation as I have convinced myself I am a bad pooper and I am no good. I have little ideas because I have been away for YouTube Poop for so long, I have no idea how to start over again.

No momentum

   Even though I came out of retirement and made a YouTube Poop, that was the only YouTube Poop for over a year. Even the last poop before my latest one was over a year. I have nothing to build on. I was in a making of a YouTube with some of my best sentence mixing, but a plot so weak, I decided to cancel uploading all together. Thus, killing my momentum even more. Heck, I even had momentum while making all those horrible flash poops. When I was making videos constantly and at a good pace, it felt pretty good. Now with nothing in years, it seems kind of like a chore just to upload one now.

   So in conclusion, it is not as fun as before. I have less confidence, motivation, and ideas. Lastly, I don't know how to start up again. I still like making YouTube Poops and ths comment really won't change my style. However, it is alot harder for me now. I could pretend to start over, but life is really getting in the way now. I haven't touched my latest project in over 2 weeks now and it is funny, because I really want to upload it. It is funny how all of this came from a simple, yet effective comment. I hope to upload for you guys once again.