Tuesday, April 23, 2013

YouTube Poop update (April 2013)

   Hello folks! YER0CKY here with a couple of quick updates. I posted here a month ago that I was in the works of uploading a CD-i YouTube Poop on my main channel. The reason I bring this up is because the project, or YouTube Poop, has become a failure and is not up to my standards in uploading.

   The reason it isn't up to my standards isn't because of the quality of the work, or because of the lack of sentence mixing skill. The reason is a bit superficial, but it is because I think it just sucks. Now I know some of you are thinking, "Well all your YouTube Poops suck lol. So why does it bother you now?" The difference now from back then was at least I thought my YouTube Poops were good, or at least decent, before upload. Where as this project I was working on was nothing really more than a trailer than anything and the whole idea centred around me returning to YouTube Pooping. Which I think now is pretty lame for a YouTube Poop, not even YouTube Poop really.

   Instead I'll make something different. I was going to upload it on my alt account to show that the sentence mixing wasn't the problem. However, the day after I started typing this blog draft, my computer decided to crash. In a way, it is a relief as I don't have to worry about that anymore, but it is more frustrating because of all the effort and time I put into it. Even thought the plot was horrible, I had some of my best sentence mixing I had in a CD-i poop. I have been working on and off this project for at least 6 months, all for nothing and all in all not good.

   In saying that, I will be making more projects. I'm looking to use ERB, Command and Conquer cut scenes, Billy Mays, Wilford Brimley, Old crib instructor, and more as sources. I still do plan to make more from CD-i, but I have only a remake in mind for now. So yeah that is all the updates I have for now.


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