Monday, January 28, 2013

Updates! (2013)

Hello folks, YER0CKY here and I just want to start out by saying that if you are reading this right now, then you must be a true fan!

Anyways, I'm here to give you guys some quick updates about what changes are coming for me, my poops, and channel changes in general. Below I have a list of events/changes that I have made/planned in the last few months.

My return to YouTube Pooping (AKA YER0CKY 2.0)

I don't need much of an introduction for this one. Basically, I "retired" from YouTube Pooping, after a year of making them, as I was focusing on university. There were also some controversial events that also somewhat influenced me to leave the YouTube Poop in general. Not because I was brought down by other people, I just knew it was best to leave and stay out of other people's politics basically. Simply put, I disliked my personal YouTube community, but not EVERYONE that was in it though.

I didn't so much retire, but more like took big hiatus. I had it in my head that I was going away for a year and would try to return to pooping again in 2012. However, that didn't work out and ended up not pooping until a year after that. So, basically I was gone for two years. I never really wanted to leave in the first place. I thought becoming inactive on purpose was the best thing to do to get away from everyone.

That is enough history for now. For the most part I will be making the same style YouTube Poops like I did in the past. I know right now and even almost a year ago that my style WILL NOT bring as much attraction that it did in my prime. Which doesn't bother me because it was what I was best at and the fact that I don't care for subscribers. I'll be using the same sources like I did before, with the exception of using less CD-I. Not because I don't like it anymore, but because I have really no ideas for those sources anymore. In saying that, CD-I is still one of my most favorite sources of all time. Not to mention it has always been my channel identity. I will be pooping what I want, how I want. However, any feedback is appreciated

I also want to say that I have accepted, in a beautiful way, that I am a bad YouTube Pooper. Although when I was somewhat of a big-shot, some people said I was pretty good. Now saying that will I get better now that I know I'm bad? Nope. However, I will still try my hardest to impress you guys as well. But pleasing me always comes first as I am limited to my own imagination. So respect your elders, sonny! (Haha, I had to put that in there somewhere)

As for right now, I was working on a YouTube Poop, until my laptop screen broke. It is getting looked at right now. I hope it will be all fixed up, with my hard-drive intact and will be back in business again someday!

The closing of TheWorstYTPs channel

To other people, this channel was a cancer that killed me and ultimately brought me down to nothingness However, this isn't true at all. I never felt like this channel was bringing me down at all. It was everyone else that had a problem with it. There are a couple reasons why I decided to close this account. One reason is that it was never really being used. I tried tweaking the channel and started using it again at one point. However, I stopped using it again shortly after. Which leads me to my main reason for the closing. I simply don't have the time to run that channel anymore. With all the things going on in my life, especially in the last year, I decided to focus all my energy into YouTube Pooping once again. Even though people hated me for this, I actually enjoyed running this channel overall. But, it may have gone too far in some cases for some. Now with this channel gone, it just creates one less distraction for me now.

My stance on my "subscribers"

As you may already know, I don't care about subscribers. However, I am still happy to report I have recently reached my 900th all-time subscriber in my YouTube Poop career. This number of course is over-bloated and not by any means official. Don't get me wrong, I like people that actually watch my videos. Unfortunately, history shows that most of the people that have subscribed me through-out my YouTube Poop career had no interest in my works and somehow ended up subbing me. Now you understand why I kept saying I was over-rated.

Minor changes to my main and alt channels

I didn't do to much on my alt account as it is never used anymore. I still got good ideas for the use of this channels. Like filter poops and YouTube Poop commentaries. However for now, it is basically dormant. I have a few ideas for discussion. However, for now, I need to focus all my energy into making YouTube Poops again

As for my main channel I have tweaked a few things. First, I changed my playlist of my last 10 YouTube Poops uploads, and decided to have a Top 10 YER0CKY poops of all-time. I also changed my features channels. It isn't my Top 10 current favorite YouTube Poopers, but now it is a list of poopers that I was most influenced by in the past and present. Simply they are the main reason I am the way I am in the YTP community today. I also changed my playlist to my favorite YouTube Poops from all the YouTube Poopers I am subscribed to. This list is in progress though.


I am back and have plans to be here for awhile. I am excited to return to the hobby that I love so much. I have a new system of making poops. Including making 1 sentence per day. This helps me make steady progress for my YouTube Poops. With the rise of many other poops styles and poopers, like cs188, I hope you still can enjoy my YouTube Poops still. If not, I understand.

On a final note, I am sorry to any of my friends and supporters that had to see me go down like that, and for any grudge you have against me, whatever it may be. This was planned at the end of 2010 and I didn't intend on avoiding or leaving you guys. I have no hard feelings against any of you. I just needed to do something drastic. I needed to do the right thing.

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