Monday, March 26, 2012

YouTube Pooper Channel Growth (March 26th - April 31st)

This is where I predict how many subscribers listed YouTube Poopers will have at the end of each month. I'm going to start with me and my Top 10 for now. And in the upcoming month add more people

YouTube Poop Growth Potential Legend:

A+ (4+ subs a day)
A (3+ subs a day)
B+ (2.51 - 3 subs a day)
B (2-2.5 subs a day)
C+ (1-1.99 subs a day)
C (0.5 -.99 subs a day)
C- (0 - 0.49 subs a day)
D (lose 1 sub a week)
E (lose 1+ sub a week)

Predicted number of subscribers on April 31  (36 days)

cs188: 32902 (54.4 subscribers a day) A+

DinnerWarrior: 9030 (5.3 subscribers a day) A+

madanonymous: 5282 (2.61 subscribers a day) B+

MechaWeegee91: 753 (2.54 subscribers a day) B+

mark3611: 12979 (2.1 subscribers a day) B

QuibbyJibby: 7032 (1.8 subscribers a day) C+

LegendarySage: 874 (0.85 subscribers a day) C

Nashmetal100: 736 (0.55 subscribers a day) C

YER0CKY: 161 (0.30 subscribers a day) C -

HotelWeegee: 3098 (0.27 subscribers a day) C -

Flummywister: 177 (0.05 subscribers a day) C -

JestersOfChaos: 569


Damm Flummywister, you're are very under rated, and at least I'm not losing subscribers. And HotelWeegee, I remember you being a B+ with over 2 subs a day. Below my average now? And cs188 still going strong with over 50+ subs a day. Wow! I'll check back to see if I got any right. If you want me to predict your subscriber count. Just PM my mian account.

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