Sunday, March 18, 2012

Insight on returning to YouTube Pooping and other future plans

Well, it looks like I'm going to take another run at being a big shot YouTube Pooper again, as some say. I already have plans for my very own laptop to make them on.

As many of my friends and subscribers know I declared retirement and was hardly active for about a year. Truth is, I never really wanted to stop YouTube Poop all together. I just needed to adjust my time for other things in life. Now those things have been taken care of and I'm ready to poop again.

I haven't forgot my sentence mixing roots and I haven't for got what made me successful. So you can expect the same style in my new YouTube Poops. I will also try to put more Windows Movie Maker effects and visual work into them than usual. (Don't worry I still know how to add on some great effects) I will be using the same sources still, but also explore a few more too.

I will also be uploading YouTube Poop commentaries to my alternate account. These videos will be myself, YER0CKY, discussing all the YouTube Poops I have made. I will cover questions like: Why I made them the way I did, inspiration, and overall thought behind the poop. Also I will discuss about my favorite poops too. (not 100% on that)

I also plan to make on my alternate account help videos about YouTube Poop. These will things from how to work the basics in WMM, sentence mixing skills, and how to get add-ons for more effects.

Well that's all I have to say about for now. Hope to upload for you guys soon.

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