Monday, March 26, 2012

Despite what you saw in the recent Billy Mays upload, will my YouTube Poops stay the same?

You Tubers that know or follow me know that I'm a straight up sentence mixer. I offer very little visual and audio effects in these poops. I was good at making sentence mixing YouTube Poops, or so I was told. I thrive with Windows Movie maker, Audacity, and MS paint. So clearly not the best programs for visual and audio effects.

However, I have noticed that plain sentence mixing videos, like what I usually upload, are not getting as popular as it did when I was doing it. Now It seems like visual and audio effects are gaining ground while sentence mixing comes second it seems. Now this could just be a trend, but if visual and audio effects continue to seemingly dominate, it looks like I'm going to have to adapt to move forward in my poop career and not stop.

Now I know I've said in the past that I am who I am and I'm YER0CKY and not anybody else. I'm not going to imitate a particular style because it's popular. I'm just suggesting that I should change things up a bit. Like add more Visual and audio effects. Maybe even EAR RAPE!!! It's just that I think, with the help of all the WMM add-ons, I can maybe work on visuals a lot more. At least 2/3 of my poops will still be sentence mixing, but it wouldn't hurt to add visuals.

In my opinion, I think even using bad visuals is better than using none at all. I'm not sure on that one. It would make my YouTube Poops two dimensional  and not just flat, non-stop sentence mixing. I'm know the basics of the WMM add-ons and it looks like I'm going to have to keep up with the game.

So to answer my question, NO, I will not have the totally the same style. Like I suggested earlier, 2/3 will at least be sentence mixing still. I haven't forgotten my roots of what made me successful. But I also need to continue to get better and grow on even more roots. Because if I stop getting better, I get too repetitive and predictable. Therefore, everyone will eventually not take interest in my YouTube Poops no more. That's it for now.

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