Friday, March 11, 2011

Why I removed over 500 subscribers and the "real" meaning of subscribers

   Some of you MAYBE wondering why I would do such a thing. I just was tired of being over rated. Even though my poops are considered "good" by most passer-byers. Just not worth 500+  There are a few reasons why I got to 500+ that I'm not proud of.

1)    When I first was Flash pooping, I was thinking to myself  "I'm getting better. I need more subs". So the stupid in me decided I would subscribe to a whole bunch of YTP fan boys hoping to get some video attention. I did that until I got to 200 subs. Then I can to my senses and decided to stop. I had 1800+ subscriptions. I had realized what I had done was wrong, but didn't bother doing anything. I was getting good feedback after all. I also convinced myself I was getting better and better so it would make up for the actions I did.

2)    Even after I stopped. I had made quite a few friends who boxed me. And it took me about 4-5 months to realize that I was getting so many "Fake-subscribers" It was like Karma. I was being fake to about 1700+ YouTubers and this was my "punishment." Only about 1 in 3-4 were "Real subscribers". And I hated it, but how could I have removed myself from every box. I asked everyone, but only a few did.

    Now fast forward a bit to about 4 months ago. I had the idea of removing any subscribers that seemed to be sub 4 subs, or subs from other channels. This wasn't good enough. I decided for every real sub I got, I would remove a fake sub. I decided to do that once I hit 500, or 499. But after doing this for a couple weeks I realized I would be stuck at 499 for at least a year. At this time I was still getting my fair share of punishment, or fake-subs. So I let it slide for awhile and just deal with this punishment.

   Now fast forward another month or so(or about 2 months ago). This is where all the shit came crashing down on me. Losing best friends, multiple suicidal thoughts, blame, hate, disrespect, none of my friends talking to me no more, you name it. It was a very dark time for me and my channel. Almost closing my account and leaving YTP forever. This is how I got my "I don't care attitude" and this time greatly influenced my action of removing 500+ subs. However, I am past all that, even the suicide thoughts...for now.

   I have been thinking a whole lot different in this past month. All this time I was blind and misguided. I used to think being a good pooper meant having lots of subscribers, fan boys and connections with the right people. However it really isn't. Subscribers, fan boys, and exposure don't make your channel good. Your videos make your channel good. I can't believe I was so.... dumb. And that is what it all came down to. As long as I have some good poops on the tube that I'm proud of, the real subs will come. And that is all I care about.

Subscribers really don't do anything for your channel. Subscribers don't determine if someone is good or not. The number of subscribers only determines how many others share/like your sense of humour. That's it.

I can't completely undo and start over what I did in the past, but I can fix the problem. I'm glad I did. The only thing I care about now is video views and making friends. Because, IMO, friends are the only real subscribers you'll ever have.

Thanks for your time. Have a gay day! (Wilford brimley ripoff)