Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pooper Channel Growth (Jan.01 - Apr. 01)

Well it is time for me to predict again. I didnt get any bang on the last one, but i can close on a couple of channels.

Here is how bad I did:

HotelWeegee: +58

JestersOfChaos: +49

SiteJuction: -51

Joethebluedragon: +19

MynameisVargas: -39

Gustav0M:  -32

DoomZappo: +8

TrueTubePoops: +52

YER0CKY: -10

Flummywister: -22

Stealth865: -26

mactazer: -30

luulzpoop: -33

RobinlvGamer: -22

Contrajoe: -11

Pikachu896: -10

WADYtm: +16

RrikooProductions: -7

As you can see I wasn't anywhere close, but at the same time not terrible. I will have the predictions for April 1st pretty soon)

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