Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sentence Mixing: Youtube Poop's Balancing Scale

Now as you can in the above "Balance Scale" are two sides. The left side of the scale is the sentence mixing(edited content, funny creative mixing) The right side of the scale is how well you can understand the sentence mixing.

Quick legend:

Left side:

Excellent Sentence Mixing: "Lots of edited content, maybe every sentence. Also with lots of really funny/creative content"

Good Sentence Mixing: "Lots of edited content, but not every sentence is totally"edited". Also with a good amount of funny/creative content"

Decent Sentence Mixing: "Usually a split of edited and unedited content. Also with the funny/creative content itself is decent.

Sotra good Sentence Mixing: "Mainly unedited content, but can still have at least decent humour"

95%+ unedited content: Almost "no edited" content to be heard anywhere. This usually leads to a very poor humour too.

Right Side:

100% Understandable: "You can understand every word. Usually means there is too much "unedited" content.

Pretty Understandable:  "You can understand almost all the sentences and word-splices.

Fairly Understandable: "You can understand lots of the sentences and words, but some you just aren't 100% sure on what was said."

Sorta Understandable: "You can understand about half of what was said, but lots of the sentences you didnt understand."

Barely Understandable: "You couldn't understand most of what was being said. This usually means there is lots of edited content."

So now that you have read the legend, let me explain a few things:

Lets start at "95%+ unedited content" This means that there is almost no edited content anywhere. But if you balance it, you get "100% understandable", which makes sense, because we have all heard the "unedited" parts before and can understand it very well.

If we move up to "Sorta good senence mixing" we get a balance of "Pretty understandable". Which means you can pretty much understand all the sentences because there is still a good amount of unedited content.

Lots of unedited content = Pretty understandable
Execllent sentence mixing = Barely understande

So as we move "Up the left side", we move "Down on the right side too" and vise versa. This applies to MOST poopers.

I hope you understand that. But you maybe thinking to yourself that this isn't perfect and that this scale doesn't apply to all poopers. Like mark3611 for example. He has excellent sentence mixing, but it is all pretty understandable at the least, So why are poopers like him different from the scale? In my opinion, these poopers have "cheated", or "outsmarted" the scale. Insted of having 1 good, and 1 bad, or 2 decents, like the scale above. These poopers have 2 goods. They have "outsmarted" the balance. They simply dont balance.

So in closing, the trick to great sentence mixing is not to balance out the 2 sides in the way you want, but to have both sides move up together, you see. And this is what seperates the good and bad sentence mixers from the great and the incredible sentence mixers. I hope you agree too.