Monday, November 29, 2010

"Who am I?"

The thing more annoying than fanboys, is stupid fucking dumbshits who say stuff like "You are the next WalrusGuy" But wait, there is something even worse than that. No! It is not supermamaluigi9000's best poop. It is people who compare you to other YTPers. Let me explain.

I am not a good pooper, or atleast not good "enough". The one thing i hate seeing more than "lol" in a comment is, "this reminds me of quibblyjibby's videos" or "you word splice, just like WalrusGuy. Very good" or "i would compare this to mark3611"

Fuck these comments, i hate them. THIS IS THE MAIN REASON WHY I RETIRED. I AM UNKNOWN, even to my fanboys. It is very sad and pathetic that my own fans and subscribers dont "know me"

Now I am not mad at them personally, I am more like disappointed at them. I love how on every fucking video another pooper gets mentioned. Like if I am that good, CANT I FUCKING OWN MY OWN NAME? IS IT THAT HARD TO TYPE "You are really good", insted of "I would compare this to mark3611"?

Like insted of seeing comments about how I do this and that like another pooper. Can't my own video, be about me? I mean really!!! Can't I just be "YER0CKY" and not that guy who is/was like swishfilmsinc, mark3611, etc.

I wonder how good you really have to be, to own your own name. The theroy i have on "great" YTPers is that it has NOTHING to do with their videos. No. You are not considered a "great" youtube pooper until you own your own name.

Like what is the point of continuing, if I'm unknown after 500 subscribers? (which btw dont even give a shit about my videos)

Now to answer my own question. "Who am I?"

Am I Quibbyjibby? No. Am I Swishfilmsinc? No. Am I mark3611? No. Am I WalrusGuy? Hell No. So what is wrong with these people? I am NOTHING like them. I have my own style of youtube pooping, and my own sense of humor, like eveyone else. My sense of humor might not be the best on YouTube ( i get that ) but it doesn't even compare to those guys i mentioned above. Again, what the fuck is wrong with people? So how can 2 or more people ever be the exact same? It is impossible. So why the fuck do I get these retarded, unlogical comments?

Simple, I dont exist.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shout-out video for my buds

I'm going to upload a shout out video, kinda like Joethebluedragon did. But with a different style. Here are the names that i plan to use. I will add more if i need to:

I am word splicing the names with the King. Any name i can not do with the King. I will try to do with Billy Mays(*). If i fail with Billy mays as well. I'll just put your name in without sentence mixing

- HotelWeegee (completed)
- Pikachu896 (completed)
- TrueTubePoops (completed)
- SiteJunction (completed)
- DoomZappo (completed)
- Jestersofchaos (completed)
- Joethebluedragon
- Gustav0M
- mactazer
- mariokartdsplayer1
- Primrosification
- ThePancakeman96
- CaptainStringChesse
- Contrajoe
- thepowerlaugh
- luulzpoop
- chainsawman095
- DrStudioManTonic
- MyNameIsVargas
- stealth865
- Flummywister
- RrikooProductions
- RobinlvGamer
- tohoproductions
- pooperinpantz123
- weegeemustdie
- maxillos79
- englishGamer
- chainsawman095
- Crashjakfan1994
- CorruptedMotives
- cs188
- theswagganator
- DaThings1
- MrLuky1997
* mythkid1208
* WADYtm

- and a partridge in a pear tree XD