Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pooper Channel Growth (Oct.02.2010- Jan.01.2011)

Here i will be calculating the growth of some youtube poopers and predict how much subsdcibers each will have at Jan.01.2011. I will be doing this every 3 months. If you can't find your name on this list.Tell me and i can edit you in.

A+ (4+ subs a day)
A (3+ subs a day)
B+ (2.5 - 3 subs a day)
B (2-2.5 subs a day)
C+ (1-2 subs a day)
C (0.14 -1 subs a day)
C- (0 - 0.14 subs a day)
D (lose 1 sub a week)
E (lose 1+ sub a week)

Potentail for channel growth (Freinds):

HotelWeegee: B+ (2.85 subs a day)

JestersofChaos: C+ (1.55 subs a day)

SiteJunction: C+ (1.29 subs a day)

Joethebluedragon: C+ (1.2 subs a day)

MynameisVargas: C+ (1.07 subs a day)

Gustav0M : C+ (1 sub a day)

DoomZappo: C (0.92 subs a day)

TrueTubePoops: C (0.78 subs a day)

YER0CKY: C (0.67 subs a day) -- (0.87 subs a day without removing subs)

Flummywister: C (0.5 subs a day)

Stealth865: C (0.5 subs a day)

Mactazer: C (0.48 subs a day)

luulzpoop: C (0.42 subs a day)

RobinlvGamer: C (0.39 subs a day)

Contrajoe: C (0.33 guns a day)

Pikachu896: C  (0.2 subs a day)

WADYtm: C (0.2 subs a day)

RrikooProductions: C- (0.11 subs a day)

Potentail for channel growth (Others):

Waxonator: A+ (28.5 subs a day)

cs188: A+ (16.5 subs a day)

DinnerWarrior: A+ (12 subs a day)

mark3611: A+ ( 9.2 subs a day)

captpan6: A+ (7.75 subs a day)

QuibbyJibby.: A+ (6 subs a day)

madanonymous: A+ (5.94 subs a day)

Swishfilmsnic: A+ (4 subs a day)

Possible number of subscribers at Jan.01.2011

HotelWeegee: 949   (900th on Dec.15.2010)

JestersofChaos: 338   (350th on Jan.13.2011)

SiteJunction: 475    (500th on Jan.21.2011)

Joethebluedragon: 131   (100th on Dec.05.2010)

MynameisVargas: 309   (300th on Dec.24.2010)

Gustav0M : 127   (150th on Jan.24.2011)

DoomZappo: 407  (400th on Dec.23.2010)

TrueTubePoops: 575  (600th on Jan.25.2011)

YER0CKY: 529    (550th on Feb.02.2011)

Flummywister: 82    (100th on Feb.06.2011)

Stealth865: 231      (250th on  Feb.04.2011)   

Mactazer: 319    (300th on Nov.21.2010)

luulzpoop: 134   (150th on Feb.08.2011)

RobinlvGamer: 152    (150th on Dec.26.2010)

Contrajoe:  105    (100th on Dec.15.2010)

Pikachu896:  186  (200th on Mar.11.2011)

WADYtm: 109    (100th on Nov.20.2010)

RrikooProductions: 41   (50th on Mar.21.2011)

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