Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sentence mixing tips from YER0CKY - Basics

I have decided to blog about my sentence mixing techniques, and show you tips on how to be a good sentence mixer, or just how to be better at it. This is the basic section. This blog will show you what it takes to a good sentence mixer. I'll basically be blogging about what i do. In the advance section, ill be very detailed and will be blogging about other techniques that i use. Some of you might find the basic section to not help out, but im sure the advanced section will. Anyways, lets move on.

Firstly, sentence mixing doesn't invole memes. This is very important to know when learning how to sentence mix. Aviod any and all memes helps witht he flow of your video, and help engage viewers into watching your poop until the end. So just remember, the less memes, the better.

Secondly, sentence mixing DOES NOT have to be funny. Sentence mixing can also be creative too. Mixing the two will get you lots of ratings and favs.

And the last thing you need to know is that sentence mixing takes a lot of effort and time. Dont waste time trying to create a sentence that you are having a hard time with. Trust me, this has killed me in the past.
Now let me show you some detail. Let me show you an example sentence mixing:

"My boy, this --Dinner-- is what all true warriors strive for --- in the morning--- "

The above example has multiple sentences mixed togehter to create a new sentence, This is part of what you have to do as a sentence mixer. However, there is another important technique that you need to know.
"Word splicing" is another common technique used by sentence mixing poopers. Word splicing is harder than sentence mixing because you need to do more editing, and sometimes this technique can take up alot of time. Let me show you an example of word splicing:

"You -peice- of- shit-"

The most simple example. Now, "peice of shit" isnt a sentence that is already made, this is where word splicing comes in. To make him say peice of shit. You have to search the words in the source, and them put them together, to make a sentence, or at least a part of one. Honestly, to be considered at least a decent sentence mixer, YOU MUST master word splicing, if you dont, you wont get any where. Sometimes you even have to splice multiple times, just to make a single word.

Example from me, "Pizza".  I get this from "Peice", and "zedla". i mix the sounds togehter to make the king say "Pizza" Again you need to be good at this to be a good sentence mixing pooper.

So to be a decent sentence mixer, you need to learn these things. Now i do realize that some people that read this already know this. So im creating a Advanced section. This will tell you all of my tecnhiques broken down into detail. I will also tell you how to start pooping, without even opening your editing program. I will be showing sentence mixing techniques that me, and other poopers like swishfilmsnic, mark3611, and Dinnerwarrior all do.

So if you are really looking to improve your sentence mixing skill, then read the advanced blog coming soon.

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