Thursday, September 16, 2010

An interview with youtube pooper, JestersOfChaos

1. why did you decide to become a sentence mixer? Did any pooper inspire you?
A: well i first started off as a meme pooper like everyone else, not dinner spaghetti memes, but like tourettes guy memes. "Lazy Pooping" as i called it in our youchew nterview. then when i saw walrusguy, he had some sentence mixing, mixed in with most of the youtube poop community, and i gave it a shot. Inspire? BenderPictures did early in my career, advice wise. for materrial you know, krobo, swish
 films, everyone else.

2. What is good sentence mixing to you?
A: it has to be like understandable at least 90% of the time. if seen some bad sentence mixers, its hard to understand and it takes me out of the whole thing. so to answer your question, my sentence mixing. lol

3. How did you become a good sentence mixer? Watching poops? Practice?
A: well watching poops doesnt really make you a sentence mixer, unless its a tutorial. if you see my earlier works, my sentence mixing was a bit choppy when i started with mainly sentence mixing poops. when i made the switch to sony vegas from imovie i started word splicing a whole lot better. so like 75% practice 25% software.

4. When making your sentence mixing poops, what are the things you are trying to achieve? Like humor? creativity?
A: well of course i wanna create humor, i wanted it to be funny. i went through this stage were i went through unused stuff (orabrush, oil spill, etc.) whats weird is now orabrush poops are poping up and i feel glad i caused it in a way.

5. Who is your favorite sentence mixing pooper? And why?
A: sentence mixing? probably mark3611. i like how he can make all those billy mays poops funny each time and its so easy to understand, it made me laugh so hard. and i gotta give flummywister credit. he is on a different level

6. Ahh, good choices. Do you use any "specail" techniques that help you sentence mix? If you do, what are they?
A: i usually have to watch the entire episode 2-3 times unedited before i start sentence mixing, so i get a fell for it, so its kinda like a ritual. thats kinda it.

7. Why do you think meme poops usually always get more views than really good sentence mixing poops?
A: youtube poops were built on memes. maybe they weren't memes then, but if you are a new pooper and u see a meme poop with 3.5 million views, you think thats the only good poops to watch. i was the same way, in the beggining

8. What are your favorite video sources to sentence mix?
A: orabrush. i will always have a special bond with oabrush, since i was the only one to do it at a point, and it became sort of like a paternal thing. besides that, i tried to poop a whole bunch of different sources, even though i have only like 9 good poops

9. What do you think is the most important thing about sentence mixing?
A: make it understandable.

10. What gives you the motivation, to take the time, to make a good sentence mixing poop? Fans? Do it for fun? Expressing your humor?
A: its fun to do and its for me. i entertain myselfwith my poops too. i think they ae funny

Alright, is there anything else you would like to say?
A: yes. why would someone think pooping the cat in a hat is a good idea? lol someone put that in my comments thinking i should poop cat in the hat for my "fans" how many fans do i have? 9?

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