Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Cd-i is such a popular youtube poop source

As every pooper knows, Cd-i hs been the most used source for pooping for a long time now. But did anybody really stop to think, "Why it's so popular?". Well im here to show you reason why this source got so popular.

It's the easiest pooping source to download.

It's true, there is no easier source to download. Most of the Cd-i clips come from a site called. This site has some of the cutscenes from Adventures of zelda, and also Hotel Mario. The sources themselfs are easy to download. You click on a cutscene, and you download it straight as an AVI, so you dont have to do extra work by converting it. It's ready to go right away. That's what got me started. Other sources you at least have to convert from youtube or other sites. Also, the sources have a watermark on them that display their website, so anyone that just discovered Youtube poop, will go to that site to get started. Again that's how i started.

* Lots of well known poopers from years ago to today use Cd-i

Since Cd-i is the most popular source, there is alot of really good Cd-i poops. Poopers like Walrusguy, Quibbyjibby, Swishfilmsinc and SSBMexpert have mastered the source and have become very popular with it. It's a good idea. Use a popular source to get more veiwers and subscribers. This is why i do a Cd-i poops once in a while because im most known for that source. Anyways, with all these famous poopers using the source, it gets other poopers motivated to use the source too, multiple times even. You know fanboys will try anything their hero does, if they can do it.

* The source itself is rich with dialouge

There is endless way you can poop this source. Yes, it is over used. I know that. However, the source has so much dialouge in it, it's a sentence mixers dream to poop. There is many sentences and many characters in the source too. Therefore, lots of ways to poop everyone, and everything in the source. Some of the most known memes have come from here. Like Dinner, Die, Come(Cum), Toast, Gay Luigi, and Spaghetti. I wont talk about the now, but this will be in a future blog.

* The source is easy to work with and is fimilair to poopers.

I can relate to this. Cd-i is an easy source to poop since poopers see it so much. For example, when i uploded my King gets pizza hut video, i worked on it the whole day, and got 4 minutes done and uploaded. With the Billy mays poop im working on now. I could work on it the whole day, and only get maybe 30 seconds done at best, cuz the source isn't as easy, and less fimilair. Cd-i is easy to understand and simple for the most part.

* There is lots of YTP tutorials on how to get Cd-i clips

When i first thought of making a YTP, i noticed there was a lots of videos telling us how to get the sources and how to download them and also how to edit them too. Well lots of those tutorials focused on how to get Cd-i. This is also a factor that plays into the popularity role, and ties in the the first point of this blog

Those are the main reasons why CD-i is such a popular source. However, you wont find too much of these sources in the "youtube poop" search. But they are all over youtube.


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  1. Nice blog dude,you're right tails...,i will continue with my sentence mixing poop