Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why many youtube poopers use memes in their poops

I have seen alot of bad poops in the last 2 months or so. And many of these poops are meme poops. So one day was thinking why people use the same memes over and over again insted of coming up with another meme or making something original. So i got down to thinking and it turns out i got a few points on this subject.

* Toys Gone Wild

Now, alot of these poops seem to have mainly WTF Boom, you spin me, and just generic memes, like toast and Pingas. Also i have seen quite a few "I ma firin mah lazah". I was trying to figure out why people are using these so much EVERYDAY. Then it hit me. All of these memes are from a poop called "Toys Gone Wild" Every pooper has to know what that video is. Now why am i talking about his one poop? Well, the poop last time i checked, it had about 3,600,000 veiws. It's by far the most veiwed poop in YTP history. Everyone one knows this video is VERY over rated, and its nothing more than memes, and random explosion effects with no sentence mixing skill at all. This has to be the reason they are so many non-sentence mixing, meme filled poops that get uploaded many many times everyday. These poopers think since Toys gone wild got millions of hit just using mainly memes, that if they use all memes with little to no sentence mixing, and slow-fast repeats, that they will get lots of hits and subscribers too.

Of course that is not the case. Toys gone wild got lucky. First, the video was uploaded in 2007, so memes weren't hated back then like they are today. It ended up getting a popular rating. Second, it ended up on the first page with all its hits, and since it's the very first poop that shows up on the search, every new pooper is going to watch it, and think thats how a poop is suspposed to be. This is what YTPnews1 said one time on a news episode. It's very true. This is where the ideas of most of the meme filled, lack of sentence mixing poops come from. Newbies wathcing Toys gone wild, just after discovering Youtube poop. However, this can not be held accountable for ALL meme poops that get uploaded. Here are some other reasons:

* Lazy Poopers

There is alot of these kinds of poopers. They put little to no effort on their poops, and all they do is put in like 30 memes, and use MS paint lots too. Lazy poopers has nothing to do with them having WMM as their only editing program. I use it, and to me that's no excuse. These poopers just fill their poops with memes and stupid MS paints and other shit, no really giving a damm if people will like or hate them. they just want to get views and subscribers really fast. They will get some subscribers, but not many usually.

* Cd-i

Now the reason im talking about these sources is because it is the fastest and easiest source you can get. Not only that though, they also have lots of well known memes in them too. So if they dont know how to download and convert other sources, they will just go for the basic Cd-i. Lots of poopers only have Cd-i as a source and therefore, can only use all the memes in them.

* Sound recorder

You maybe are wondering why i have this sub-topic up here. Well because thats how some people get their memes they need. Like over 9000. They dont know how to download the soucre, so they just record the sound, and they are ok with the fact that the sound byte lost all its quality. I used to do this like all the time when i was a stupid ass, no good meme pooper. I had only has some sentence mixing skill at this time. But half of my older poops, were just meme filled shit. The thing with sound recorder is, that they can record anything, random yells, or music too. It can be useful. However, most meme poopers will just record meme sounds. Like WTF BOOM, and the good old censor bleep.

Anyways those are the reason why i think there are so many non-sentence mixing, meme poopers out there. The sad thing is that lots of people upload "First poops" everyday and 95% of the time, its either a meme filled poop, webcam poop, or just some stupid MS paint poop with sound clips on them.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Cd-i is such a popular youtube poop source

As every pooper knows, Cd-i hs been the most used source for pooping for a long time now. But did anybody really stop to think, "Why it's so popular?". Well im here to show you reason why this source got so popular.

It's the easiest pooping source to download.

It's true, there is no easier source to download. Most of the Cd-i clips come from a site called. This site has some of the cutscenes from Adventures of zelda, and also Hotel Mario. The sources themselfs are easy to download. You click on a cutscene, and you download it straight as an AVI, so you dont have to do extra work by converting it. It's ready to go right away. That's what got me started. Other sources you at least have to convert from youtube or other sites. Also, the sources have a watermark on them that display their website, so anyone that just discovered Youtube poop, will go to that site to get started. Again that's how i started.

* Lots of well known poopers from years ago to today use Cd-i

Since Cd-i is the most popular source, there is alot of really good Cd-i poops. Poopers like Walrusguy, Quibbyjibby, Swishfilmsinc and SSBMexpert have mastered the source and have become very popular with it. It's a good idea. Use a popular source to get more veiwers and subscribers. This is why i do a Cd-i poops once in a while because im most known for that source. Anyways, with all these famous poopers using the source, it gets other poopers motivated to use the source too, multiple times even. You know fanboys will try anything their hero does, if they can do it.

* The source itself is rich with dialouge

There is endless way you can poop this source. Yes, it is over used. I know that. However, the source has so much dialouge in it, it's a sentence mixers dream to poop. There is many sentences and many characters in the source too. Therefore, lots of ways to poop everyone, and everything in the source. Some of the most known memes have come from here. Like Dinner, Die, Come(Cum), Toast, Gay Luigi, and Spaghetti. I wont talk about the now, but this will be in a future blog.

* The source is easy to work with and is fimilair to poopers.

I can relate to this. Cd-i is an easy source to poop since poopers see it so much. For example, when i uploded my King gets pizza hut video, i worked on it the whole day, and got 4 minutes done and uploaded. With the Billy mays poop im working on now. I could work on it the whole day, and only get maybe 30 seconds done at best, cuz the source isn't as easy, and less fimilair. Cd-i is easy to understand and simple for the most part.

* There is lots of YTP tutorials on how to get Cd-i clips

When i first thought of making a YTP, i noticed there was a lots of videos telling us how to get the sources and how to download them and also how to edit them too. Well lots of those tutorials focused on how to get Cd-i. This is also a factor that plays into the popularity role, and ties in the the first point of this blog

Those are the main reasons why CD-i is such a popular source. However, you wont find too much of these sources in the "youtube poop" search. But they are all over youtube.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Why I am an Over-rated Youtube pooper.

I get comments from some people that i am not over rated. Im here to tell, and prove, to you that i am an over rated pooper.

In the above image of my latest Youtube poop i made "King orders Pizza Hut..." Look at the red box highligting all the views from people subcriptions box. 63 of 436 subscribers wathced my video after a few days or so. That is only 14.2% of subscibers that actually watch my youtube poops. I know there is way more than 14.2% of my subscribers who like youtube poop. So why dont they watch my videos? Im not going to pretend to know the answer because i dont.

However, i think there is even a bigger question. Since a small fraction of my video's views come from my subscribers, then how does my video keep growing? In the above image ,at the top of it, it shows a grath of all my views from upload date to the current date. The chart seems to keep going up slighlty. I know if you are ever going to get noticed on youtube, you need lots of subscribers. There is three things i can think of why all my videos continue to grow and not stop gaining views after 48 hours after upload.

1) When my poops first get uploaded, i usually get around 100-200 views on the first day. 50-70 are from the subscribers, and the others are who search recent YTP uploads, and veiwing my video from their friend favoriting it. When this occurs, i get 4-6 video honours. This also gets me views, but not many.

2) Kind of the same as number #1. When someone looks at their friends channel, they will see that they faved or commented on my poops, and they wil sometimes watch it, and sometimes do the same, this occurs for everyone who favs my poops.

3) I dont think the youtube search helps me gain veiws, except for "Do the suicide" But i do think they show up in "related videos" from other simular videos too. and then once my vid shows up there, numbers 1 & 2 basiclly repeat again.

So because of this, i get a slight growth in all my poops, execpt my older, worse poops. But what does this mean. Since i get a positive growth, it means i get more exposure. This helps me get subscribers, ratings, comments favorites, etc.. Lots of people who subscribe to me, like youtube poop, and aren't looking for attention or a sub back. I made sure of that so i dont worry about that kind of stuff. However i just cant figure out why the number is so low still. Do these people know what a subscriptions box is?

I know that every subscriber i have doesn't watch my videos at all, and only wants attention. However, i do recall a time where i was boxed in many many channels, at least 14 i counted. I noticed that these people do sub for sub. So when they were subbing to them, sometime they would sub to me too, without even looking at my videos or channel. I didnt catch what was going on at first. But then when my 400th subscriber came. I found out he didn't even look at my videos and channel. So this is the reason the numbers are all whacked. Because i was boxed by many people. If i wasnt in the first place, i wouldnt be over-rated at all. But since this happended in the past and i couldn't stop it soon enough. I have become over rated. I did myself a favor and removed about 40 subscribers that dont even watch my videos. So i now know where all these people who aint watching my videos came from.

Ever since i have found out, i have been keeping a close eye on everyone who subscribes to me. I recently posted 4 rules fo subcribing me. This is a couple of steps that will make my channel less over-rated in the future. So anyone who subscribes to me cuz they like my videos, makes me less over-rated. I dont want to see a 14% ratio. I hope to get it to atleast 17% by my next video. And when i come back to pooping, i want this number to be atleast 33% within the next 9 months. If someone subscribes to me for attention, or if they dont know what "youtube poop is. Gets removed, no questions asked.

So, to the people who think im not over rated. Sorry i bursted your bubble. But i am. However, just because im over rated, doesn't mean im not a good youtube pooper XD